A Family Tradition Of Italian Food At Zuppardo’s Family Market!


My dad used to take me to zuppardo’s family market in Grottaglie, Italy for my birthday every year. It was one of the most amazing and memorable experiences of my childhood. The food was always excellent, but what I remember most is going there with my family. We always sat at a long wooden table in the corner, where we could all see each other and order our meals together as a family. We’d order the same thing over and over again because that’s what my dad likes to do: he tries his best not to change anything about a dish that has worked for generations. Our favorite dish there was cotoletta alla Grottagliana — literally, “cotoletta (or roast) sauce Gromit”; it’s a thick tomato-based sauce that’s Italian- owned and Italian-inspired! But if you ask me now, cotoletta alla Grottagliana has gone through several iterations throughout its history. There are many versions of it in Grottaglie; the original is supposedly made with pancetta or bacon, but nowadays you can also find it without meat (and trust me, this version is absolutely delicious). The only modification I would make is to use a little more garlic – it sometimes feels like there’s not enough in this sauce!

How to make the best schnitzel at Grottagliana
The schnitzel at Grottagliana is truly one of a kind. It is made with foie gras, which is a type of livershield, and it is served at an early stage in the Maremma region of eastern Italy. The foie gras is slowly cooks down in a special fat to make a meaty meringue that is then stuffed into a hollowed-out potato. This is then baked in the oven until it is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The schnitzel is then savory and comforting, and it is the perfect appetizer for any meal.

The secret of a perfect cotoletta alla Grottagliana
While making cotoletta alla Grottagliana is a family tradition in Grottagliano, a small town in the Maritime Alps, there are actually several different versions of this dish. Some people make a plain schnitzel with just potatoes and a few garnishes, but I always like to add a little cheese and bacon to give it that extra flavor and texture. It’s also a good idea to use a good-quality meat-free cut because it will make the schnitzel taste even better!

How to make zuppardo’s family market’s famous pasta dish, fettuccine with meatballs
When my dad first took me to zuppardo’s family market in Grottagliere, I was a bit under the weather. My parents kept rubbing my stomach and I kept throwing up. Eventually, we found out that I was actually constipated – I had the runs! My dad explains that this is actually a very common problem among kids today, but that it used to be quite normal for kids to have the runs. It was even considered a sign of puberty; kids used to be toilet-shy, so it was considered a sign of maturity to be able to go to the bathroom without help.

The ultimate Gromit’s family market dish: lasagne with meatballs and homemade Alfredo
You’ve probably heard about how delicious lasagne is; well, there is only one way to properly prepare this classic Italian dish: with homemade Alfredo sauce of course! This is the one dish where everyone in the family can participate: my mum makes the best Alfredo, my dad makes the best meatballs, my mom makes the best noodles and I make the best Lasagne!

The perfect meal is one that is prepared and consumed with loved ones. It is the ultimate joy to witness a family gather together for traditional meals that have been passed down for generations. Italian food is not only good for the soul but can also provide you with the energy to tackle the day’s challenges. If you have not visited Grottagliano yet, or you have been away and want to experience this amazing part of Italy together as a family, I highly recommend it. The food is simply wonderful and the hospitality of the locals even more so. You will not be disappointed.

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